Wednesday, September 26, 2018

                                                                                                                       BEST ACTING SCHOOL IN DELHI

SHREE FILM PRODUCTION and theatre studio is the best acting school in Delhi for your acting passion and to pursue career in acting and film making in entertainment industry. it is run by well producer lalit vohra pf famous show “bhabhi ji ghar par hai”. It’s an association whose focus is to build knowledge and interest theatrical and media art through education. The main objective of the studio is the actor training, production, promotion of theatrical plays, short film and other performing art. They also provide weekend acting workshop and weekend courses. They have set their professional training in acting schools. SFP has consistently ranked one of the best school in India. They provide diploma in film acting and film making course which is most comprehensive and intensive and challenging courses for beginners those who are interested to build their acting career in films and TV. In Delhi and Mumbai they have been producers of many theoretical productions and also have casted many student in these production through our casting services. Grab knowledge from well known faculty from famous TV show “BHABHI JI GHAR PAR HAI” Manmohan Tiwari, Yogesh Tiwari, Gulfamkali, Rohitash Gaud, Tika Malkhan, Narayan Mishra, Nikhil sajawan and also special class of legendry film maker lalit vohra which is known as “lalit vohra ki pathshala”. They have various courses to enhance your skills in acting field. Which an actor requires training in which they need to learn how to breath, how to move, how to use his voice and how to relax. After learning all these they train them the experience of putting everything together in front of audience. Not only have they taught acting but also the knowledge of story development, play writing, design and direction and moves on the focus on the craft of acting. Apart from acting the workshop offers a rich mix of theatre activities, reading, analysis, discussions and performances.
Why choose SFP?
You need an atmosphere where you can learn to express yourself. Where you need to understand your inner talent of acting which will only be develop when you have an artistic skill and confidence of your talent. This can only be possible by a well- known and experience faculty. You will learn the theory and concept of your chosen field but most of the time will be spent on working practically in studio like environment. You will have daily contact with some of the best professionals like various fields, who will guide you towards discovering your own artistic voice and potential.